How do Biker Girls Take Initiative in a Relationship

Whether it’s in real life from a biker friend, or a so-called expert biker dating adviser, we often hear: “biker guy should always be dominant and take the lead when in a relationship with his biker women” Well, time, as well as mentality of single bikers on biker dating sites have both drastically changed. In today’s world, an increasing number of Harley women are starting to attract motorcycle men by their power and independence. Thus why it should always be the Harley man who’s responsible to move the biker relationship forward? Today, unlike the motorcycle riders who are still stuck in the 1920s, male Harley rider and women Harley rider are on the same play field and are in the exact same position to take initiative. Let along that there are more than a few biker dudes appreciate the confidence in a biker chicks who are bold enough to make the first move. And here are a few powerful biker dating advice that are going to help biker babes play a more active role when trying to build the connection with their dream motorcycle guy.

It has been ages that it’s always the Harley guy who proposes the first date. What about being a little bit more unconventional this time? Discard that old fancy restaurant dating routine with your male motorcycle rider, instead, come up with something more innovative and creative. For example, a ride on a Harley Davidson bike with your men biker to chase the sunset and waterfall, or a picnic date in a forest. When such a unique dating idea is proposed by a women biker, your potential partner is definitely going to be impressed.

The largest Harley dating website has just conducted a survey on more than 7 million registered motorcycle dude. And over 75.5% of them appreciate a motorcycle lady who is straightforward and know what they want than a biker girlfriends who rather play games. “there have been too many times that I’ve heard from a motorcycle chick saying ‘it’s up to you’, ‘I don’t mind where to ride a motorcycle’ or ‘whatever my biker boyfriend like’, and now I’m just tired of it.” says George, a veteran motorcycle gentleman with more than 10 years’ experience.

Aside from biker dating ideas, motorcycle ladies can also express freely their desire and aspirations when it comes to simple things in life. Being subtle is attractive, so is being explicit about what you want in a right time. Dear Harley girls, it’s time to stop being shy and tell your special date what you like about him and the time spent with him. It is also important to know that your motorcycle boyfriend is not a mind reader and guessing what the other party wants is more than tiring.
Honesty and courage is now the new traits in a motorcycle lady that attracts a biker gentleman the most.