Useful Dating Tips for Bikers

Welcome back! Dear single Harley riders who aspire to lead an active social life and hopefully find your compatible biker girls or biker guy, here are the part two of useful biker dating tips for Harley riders that you have been waiting for!

Now you have finally moved on to the most important part from Harley dating sites: meeting your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy in person. It is totally normal or feel a little bit intimidated by it since it can happen to everyone. But here are a few expert biker dating advice that can help you immensely with your dating life as a male Harley rider or female Harley rider.

Firstly, pick the venue wisely. If you are a motorcycle man or motorcycle women who is quite skilled in dating, let the other Harley girls or Harley guy choose where they would like to have a date. However, on the other hand, if you are a biker man or biker women who has not a lot of experience in dating, pick somewhere like museum or gallery where you don’t need to keep talking all the time to your motorcycle women or motorcycle man. It is much better admire the art than fall into an awkward silence due to your inexperience.

Also, being innovative can also add some extra points for you. If you are tired of going on a date with your male biker or female biker in a fancy restaurant where a single drop a wine costs more than a note, invite your ideal biker babes for a ride on a Harley Davidson bike since you are both passionate about Harley motorcycle lifestyle. My wife of more than a decade invited me for a ride in a remote alley in a small village, instead of fancy and expensive steak and wine, we had greasy cheese burger and cold coke instead, which has definitely impressed me.

After the first date, don’t rush yourself and your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude too much. It is the first date where you can tell whether you are compatible with your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman. Thus if things have gone south, don’t stress yourself too much since maybe it is meant to be. All you need to do is being confident and grateful, who knows if it is your right motorcycle babes that is going to spend the rest of his or her life with you.

For those who are not a part of biker riding world and want to date a biker babes, here are the must follow biker dating tips. You need at first to know about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle that your future motorcycle boyfriend or motorcycle girlfriend is passionate about. Even though you don’t need to ride on a Harley Davidson bike yourself, it will of hella attractive for biker chicks or biker dude if you are not afraid of going on a ride with them while sitting on the back.